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Dear customers!

If you have try 2times but it's not successful when you paid it by credit card. Usually it will not work for you in the same day.You can try it in other payment way.

When you order by credit card, there are a few suggestions:

1: Don't order too much,usually around 500-600usd are ok. Or the credit card will tell you it's too much and not allow you to pay it.

2: If the crdit card not work for some reason, you can choose  western union or moneygram, they are much cheaper than credit card.

3:After you paid the order,please check your email in 24hours,ok? Because we will email you the tracking ; sometimes there will be a few of them are out of stock, you also can get back us new choices so we can save the time and ship the order and give you tracking in first time!

More Qestions,please feel free to contact with us!