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How to order
Order procedure

1. Order:
Select all the items you need, and select the quantity Click the yellow button "Add to Cart", then submit the order, when all items are selected, and finally click the yellow button "Continue Checkout", fill in your mailbox and contact information. Note to write down your right to receive information and e-mail address, so that we can correctly contact you!
2. Payment
Pay by credit card, 
Pay by credit card, (one credit card can only be paid once a day) (each payment can not exceed 600 $)
If you use the Western Union, remittance, please tell me the MTCN number and your name and amount.
Western Union: MTCN number

3.There are three reasons why credit card payments are unsuccessful
1, without the authorization of the bank, please open to the opening bank
2, credit card high risk, change the credit card.
3, the balance is insufficient

4. Transportation:
  We will send you the product within 24 hours after receiving your payment. The tracking number will be filled in the order form. Please pay attention to your order.
5. Track your stuff and receive them.
 We will keep track of tracking numbers and tracking web links by email, pay attention to checking your packages, and if u encounter any packaging problems, please contact us and we will help to resolve it
Query tracking information website

6. We thank you for your evaluation of our service and product quality´╝î
If you think our products are good, please introduce to your good friend, thank you